We’ve nicknamed our brewing style ‘village craft’ because we specialise in small batches and create everything at our brewery in the heart of Te Aro. We’re constantly energised by this city – our village that is Wellington – and its vibrant community.

Our beers range a spectrum of styles; from easy-drinking crowd favourites, to traditional ‘old world’ recipes, and experimental, new world flavours. Each brew is different, and through our craft, we want to help everyone find something to excite their unique taste and share the experience of delicious craft beer.

We’ve created a ‘lab’ here at Whistling Sisters where we deconstruct all our beers’ flavours to match them with the food that we serve in The Fermentery. Come in for a taste or book a brewery tour!



Our core brews that are always available in both cans and kegs. A selection of easy-drinking beers to suit everyone’s tastes. We brew our Whistling range to be balanced and clean – that means packed with flavour to enjoy on their own, and the perfect mate to pair with food.


Fruit-forward and floral with a full hop aroma, our American Pale Ale brings it’s A-game. Hints of grapefruit and citrus play with a welcome bitterness and creamy finish. Pair this APA with food flavours of salt, pepper, sour, or BBQ and this brew delivers a tasty bite.


Don’t let this one’s light looks fool you, our XPA packs a flavour punch. Fruity notes meet a steady bitterness and a twist of citrus, while our brewers’ hand-picked hops add a floral medley. This beauty’s a perfect pair to any dish. Think sweet and sour, mild or spicy, countered with a sip of chill delight.


This delicate lager pours full on flavour. Unfiltered yet crystal clear, we craft this brew with the finest malts and hops from NZ and Czech. Extra-long fermentation creates a superb dry finish that’s a match for bitter and spicy foods, or even baked bread. We know as soon as one’s down, you’ll be ready for another round.


Wrap yourself in a velvet blanket of malt with layers of oat, toffee and biscuit. Made with nine malt varieties from the South Island and a heavy hand of Dunedin’s Harraway oats. This stout is a match for any treat – sweet or savoury.


Hoppy, without dulling your taste buds, we brew our IPA crisp and drinkable. Stone fruit and passionfruit meet tones of citrus and spice, with a balanced malt mouthfeel and a refreshingly bitter-to-smooth finish. Full of aroma and made as a challenge to salt and spice, this IPA is a pairing for everything nice.


Limited edition brews, available for a short period of time. These are for the adventurists – the classics with our whistling twist. From inventive ingredients to modifications during the brewing process, this range turns old world into a bold new world of flavour experiences.


Our brewing team spent 2 weeks fermenting this beauty & 2 days prepping it and then added further conditioning in the brite tank. We used 45kg of sliced fresh ginger along with 10kg of freshly squeezed lemon plus ground cloves & some other secret ingredients – all resulting in a refreshing clean Ginger Beer without being overly sweet. It’s a full ginger kick that will fill your whole mouth; the fresh ginger ensuring a beautiful warmth at the back of the throat. The use of Champagne yeast has also given this a whole new dimension and finesse.


There’s no better way to see in Level 2 than with some beers with ya mates! Say hello to our new hazy! Celebrating all the good feels that come with being back with your mates! This juicy hazy pours a beautiful pale yellow that makes our mouth water just looking at it! Blends of Nectaron, Hallertau Blanc and Columbus hops come together resulting in big juicy pineapple and citrus flavours. So grab your buddies, squeeze them tight and drink to bring together again!
PS. Also tastes just as good over a Zoom sesh!


Our November hazy is here! Featuring Talus and Hallertau Blanc hops and jam packed with Citra, Simcoe and Columbus hops for those mouth watering citrus flavours and touch of honey sweetness! Make sure to get it before the times up!


NEW LISTING! Hot on the market today is our October HAZY IPA release! Like house price inflation this beer is out of control with a boom of Hallertau Blanc, Columbus and Talus hops! Enjoy the passionfruit on the nose with hints of grapefruit, citrus, rock melon and a touch of honey. We promise this beer is worth every drop! You won’t need to wait for retirement to get your hands on this beauty either but be quick, it’s going to sell faster than a fixer-upper on the West Coast! So next time you’re stocking up on avocados swing on by and try our new brew!


Rotating brews, each available for a short period of time. This range pays homage to the classics – traditional styles from around the world; Belgium, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and Scotland – crafted locally with a Wellington edge and a reverence and respect that would make the old world breweries proud.


What better way to jump into winter than with a stout that the Russians would toast in the cold seasons (and the Russians certainly know about cold weather). Brewed with loads of dark roasted malts allowing us to indulge ourselves with an 8.9% Imperial Stout. Full bodied with a range of complex flavours of chocolate, caramel and hints of fruit finishing with roasted barley notes carried through with the high ABV. Consume slowly and enjoy.


Brewed with the respect a traditional style deserves, this English Bitter combines a healthy dose of toffee, caramel and roast malt character, balanced with a herbal bitterness from the English hops and berry notes from the English yeast strain.

Pours a beautiful toffee amber colour with an off-white head. Match it with traditional English pub grub – Meat pie, sausage and mash, or a hearty stew.


Our new release Peated Celtic Red Ale is here! Roasted notes of toffee, chocolate and caramel rush forward with your very first swig! Mind your mo though – this brew has a thick creamy head and a gorgeous deep red hue. Our smoked peat malts give you hints of single malt whisky further adding to it’s unique flavour dimension. So sit back and let it transport you to the Emerald Isles and beyond!


When Whistling Sisters and Small Gods got together and decided the world needed a little bit of their collab magic – our Triple Pepper Tripel was born. It has an alluring dry and spicy character thanks to the simple malt bill and the addition of traditional coriander, as well as a touch of delicious Belgian candi sugar. Last but not least is the inclusion of the triple threat – white, black and green peppercorns. Just like the lunar phases, life is ever ever-changing but the good fortune and privilege of enjoying a brew is one of life’s greatest treasures.


All our beers are available for keg orders nationwide subject to stock availability.
The Whistling Range is available to be ordered in both cans & kegs all year round nationwide.

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