Contains 6 x 330ml cans of:

1 x Lager
1 x APA
1 x XPA
1 x IPA
1 x Stout
1 x Ginger Rush

Additional information


This delicate lager pours full on flavour. Unfiltered yet crystal clear, we craft this brew with the finest malts and hops from NZ and Czech. Extra-long fermentation creates a superb dry finish that’s a match for bitter and spicy foods, or even baked bread. We know as soon as one’s down, you’ll be ready for another round.
1.3 Standard drinks


Fruit-forward and floral with a full hop aroma, our American Pale Ale brings it’s A-game. Hints of grapefruit and citrus play with a welcome bitterness and creamy finish. Pair this APA with food flavours of salt, pepper, sour, or BBQ and this brew delivers a tasty bite.
1.4 Standard drinks


Don’t let this one’s light looks fool you, our XPA packs a flavour punch. Fruity notes meet a steady bitterness and a twist of citrus, while our brewers’ hand-picked hops add a floral medley. This beauty’s a perfect pair to any dish. Think sweet and sour, mild or spicy, countered with a sip of chill delight.
1.2 Standard drinks


Hoppy, without dulling your taste buds, we brew our IPA crisp and drinkable. Stone fruit and passionfruit meet tones of citrus and spice, with a balanced malt mouthfeel and a refreshingly bitter-to-smooth finish. Full of aroma and made as a challenge to salt and spice, this IPAI is a pairing for everything nice.
1.5 Standard drinks


Wrap yourself in a velvet blanket of malt with layers of oat, toffee and biscuit. Made with nine malt varieties from the South Island and a heavy hand of Dunedin’s Harraway oats. This stout is a match for any treat – sweet or savoury.
1.3 Standard drinks


Our brewing team spent 2 weeks fermenting this beauty & 2 days prepping it and then added further conditioning in the brite tank. We used 45kg of sliced fresh ginger along with 10kg of freshly squeezed lemon plus ground cloves & some other secret ingredients – all resulting in a refreshing clean Ginger Beer without being overly sweet. It’s a full ginger kick that will fill your whole mouth; the fresh ginger ensuring a beautiful warmth at the back of the throat. The use of Champagne yeast has also given this a whole new dimension and finesse.
1.4 Standard drinks
Vegan + Gluten Free