CansMother Maiden Crone 6 Pack


6 x 330ml cans

When Whistling Sisters and Small Gods got together and decided the world needed a little bit of their collab magic – our Triple Pepper Tripel was born. It has an alluring dry and spicy character thanks to the simple malt bill and the addition of traditional coriander, as well as a touch of delicious Belgian candi sugar. Last but not least is the inclusion of the triple threat – white, black and green peppercorns. Just like the lunar phases, life is ever ever-changing but the good fortune and privilege of enjoying a brew is one of life’s greatest treasures.

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Pilsner, Light Lager, Toffee, Housemade Belgian Candi Sugar


Green Bullet, Saaz, East Kent Goldings


Belgian Strong Ale


Belgian Tripel